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Master 128 base unit

Due to the great popularity of the BBC Computer in the UK, there are a large number of sites covering this machine.

A good starting point in the Wikipedia article on the BBC Micro.

Chris's Acorn site shows his collection of almost every Acorn computer made, from the System 1 to the NC, and has a large documentation section.

The BBC Micro Documentation Project lives up to its name, and has built the biggest library on one site of as many manuals, books and other publications. 

The BBC Lives! site has documentation, software, emulators and guides.

The 8-bit software pages hold a large library of software, thanks to those who now host this archive.

Yellow Pig's BBC Computer Pages have the best information on the BBC Master 512. Thanks to this site I was able to create DOS and GEM disks from scratch.

Stairway to Hell - forum for Acorn stuff.


Practical Computing reviewed several Acorn computers:
January 1982 - BBC Micro
October 1983 - Acorn Electron
December 1984 - BBC Micro second processors
July 1985 - Acorn BBC B+
October 1985 - Acorn 32016 second processor
December 1985 - Acorn BBC B+ 128K
January 1986 - Acorn Communicator
January 1987 - Acorn Master 512 & Compact

Acorn BBC

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