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NorthStar Advantage

NorthStar Advantage

The NorthStar Advantage built on the earlier (and more popular) Horizon system. It features:

  • A single box design with built in screen, keyboard and disk drives.
  • Built in green screen, with a mix of 80 column text or 640x200 graphics.
  • Z-80 processor running at 4 MHz.
  • 64K of user RAM , plus 16K of video RAM.
  • Six expansion slot for serial or parallel ports, or an additional processor card (eg 8088).
  • CP/M with graphical extensions.
  • My machine has twin 360 KB floppy drives (uses hard-sector floppies), in double density double sided mode.
  • Hard drive available as an option.
  • System also supported Northstar DOS, provided here with graphics support and called Graphics DOS (GDOS).
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics on floppy.

This computer was introduced in around 1982. However it was quickly overtaken by the IBM PC and did not sell well in the UK.


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