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Here are some of the places on the web with useful or well put together info on the IBM PC family.

Old-computers.com have pages on the IBM PC, IBM XT, and IBM AT, as well as the IBM Portable and XT/286.

The IBM Hall in the Netherlands had a fine selection of machines to browse, but this site has sadly gone (link to Internet Archive, most of the pictures are broken links).

Southius has an extremely detailed break-down of the IBM XT internals, with some clear photographs.

The IBM PC cassette port pin-out.

Why the IBM PC runs at 4.77MHz.


Plenty of old software can be found on the net, just search for abandonware. Here are some examples:

Abandonware Filez

DOS Games archive

Retrograde station has some fine early PC games, most of which ran as bootable floppies. Also has link to Flopper to run these games on a modern PC at the right speed.

Screen shots but no downloads can be found at C:> DOS Abandonware (from the Internet Archive).


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