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Microwriter MW4


The Microwriter is a handheld computer that acts as a word processor. It displays a single line of text on a dot-matrix LCD display, which is a window the current document in memory.

The main feature is its chorded keyboard - this is used in the right hand, with the four fingers resting on the top four keys, and the thumb pressing the upper left button for some letters, or the lower left button (which is called the command key) to change text entry mode (eg for upper case) or pressed with other keys to enter editting or formatting commands.

The hand held unit is powered from a built-in rechargable battery, and it is recharged from a small mains transformer. There are two large connectors, one is used for serial input/output or a video display unit, the other is a system bus connector. There is also an audio socket to connect up a tape drive for backing up documents.


There are two main manuals for the MW4, a chatty introduction and a more detailed reference manual

New Users Guide - Book I (PDF - 17MB)
General Systems Manual - Book II (PDF - 11MB)
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Microwriter schmatics by Tony Duell





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