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Commodore PET - Links

Many collectors have a PET and so there are several excellent web sites for this machine. This are just a small selection.

Old-computers.com have pages on the Commodore range.

The PET index - one of the top sites!

The Independent Commodore Library - plenty of links too (most of which work).

Dave Dunfield has a PET page with some nice photos.

CPMPET.de - mostly in German - 6540/6550 pin-out.

Dave Gostelow has repaired his PET 2001, and has several good photos of the case, keyboard and internal main board.

X1541.de has several Commodore projects, including replacements for 6540 / 6550 chips.

PET schematics.

Notes on the 6540 ROMs used in the 2001



To be found

Commodore PET home

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