1980s Vintage Computers

List of machines in collection

Here's a summary list of the machines in my collection, broken down into:

Printers & Plotters
Games Machines

This lists show all the vintage machines I have had over the years, and what state they are in. I have included past machines I used to own too.


Make / Model Comments
Acorn BBC B Several - some working some not (including a B+).
Acorn BBC Master

Master 128 - working
Master 512 - working
Master Turbo - working
Master Econet terminal - working
Master Compact - OK except floppy drive.
Several Master 128s to be sold

Acorn modules 2 x Teletext, one working, one boxed untested
1 x 6502, recognised by BBC B
1 x Z80, recognised by BBC B, need software eg CP/M disks.
Several 5.25" floppy drives.
AES Superplus IV Was working, no longer in collection.
Amstrad PCW-256 2 - one OK, other has faulty 3" floppy. Also have serial interface (untested)
Apple II Europlus 2 - one now fixed, one with ROM and keyboard faults. 
Apple IIe 3 - one works OK except for display, 2 bought faulty
Apple floppy disk drives Several, one tested and works OK, others unknown.
Apricot F1 (?) 2 - one known to be faulty, one untested
Atari 800XL, ST, details to be added
Commodore 2001 PET Powers up, but freezes
Commodore PET To be determined.
Commodore PET disk drive To be determined
Cromemco Z-2D Works OK with CDOS disk, now sold.
DEC Rainbow 100 Untested, very dirty & unlikely to work.
Dragon 32 2 - untested. 1 PSU needs wires soldering. Also 1 disk interface, untested.
Grundy Newbrain A Worked OK, sold.
HP 110 portable Works fine. Has HPIL interface, recently bought converter for HPIB.
HP 110 plus portable Works fine 
HP 150B with floppy drive Works fine.
Has touch screen, used by chess game.
HP-85 Several, mostly OK, to have new tape capstan rubber and print belts then to be sold. One faulty for spares.
HP-85B One works fine.
HP-86B 3 - power on else untested
HP-87 Works fine, has paint marking
HP-87XM Works fine
HP 82901M disk drives 2 - both have one working drive and one faulty drive, need Tandon TM100 drives
HP 9915A & B Both work OK, only one EPROM board between them. One has good tape capstan, one needs new rubber. Two keyboards. 
HP 9122C disk drive Works fine except power switch stuck on
HP 9121D disk drive Several, to be cleaned and sold
HP 9133A disk drive Works fine
HP Series 80 modules Several, all work fine. Surplus HP-IB and Serial to be sold.
IBM PC / XT / AT Loads, mostly faulty. A few worked some time ago but not tested recently.
IBM RS6000 Model 34H A bit newer than the others, interesting multi-chip processor. Am in process of testing.
Intel PSYP310 Multibus machine, powers up 
Husky Hunter Various models, 2 x model 1 faulty. Sold model 2.
Lear Siegler ADM3A terminal Works fine stand-alone, not tried on RS232. Came with Cromemco Z-2D. Now sold.
Merlin 2215 with terminal Worked OK, sold to someone with boot disk.
Merlin Tonto PSU fault. Have manuals
Microtech MicroProfessor Have 2, untested.
Motorola MEK6800D2 Had 2, both worked, now sold
Nascom 1 Untested, also have N1 clone
Nascom 2 Main board OK, memory card faulty. Disk drive untested.
Nascom 3 Nascom 2 in a different case, works OK.
Northstar Advantage Works fine, have disks, manual and box.
Osbourne 1 Was fine when last used.
Pericom 7800 3 - one worked OK when last tested, two with power / VDU problems.
Powertran Comp 80 Had briefly (bought in error then sold)
Research Machines 380Z Have 5.25" model, faulty - displays garbage.
Sold 8" drive model.
Research Machines 480Z 2 - both faulty
RM Nimbus PC-186 Working, yet to get boot disk
RM Nimbus Another model TBC
Sinclair MK14 Need to fit new switches
Powers on OK
Sinclair ZX81 + 16K RAM Works OK
Sharp MZ-80K Worked, no longer in collection.
SWTPC 6800 Cleaned up but no output from serial port. Came with CT-64 terminal, dual floppy drive & printer.
Tandy TRS-80 Model I Level 2 with expansion and floppy Untested
Tandy TRS-80 Model III Works OK, except for disk drive.
Tandy Color Computer 2 Works OK
Transam Tuscan 2 - both with video card problems
UK101 My first computer. Worked for years, then died, then sold.
Zenith Z-100 Works OK, runs MS-DOS. Problem with CP/M disk, also drive B: faulty.


Make / Model Comments
HP-41C Had working one (sold), now have faulty one.
HP 45 Worked OK, now sold
Sharp Works OK, Details to be confirmed
Sinclair Cambridge Rare orange 'Ford' logo, worked OK, Sold
Texas Programmer Worked OK, Sold
Texas TI-57 Worked fine when last tested, boxed.
Texas TI-44 Works fine (used day-to-day)

Printers & Plotters

Make / Model Comments
Anadex DP-8000 Came with Cromemco Z-2D. Untested.
Commodore 4022 Untested, based on Epson FX with IEEE-488 interface.
HP Color Paintjet Works but poor quality print when tested, inks now probably dried out
HP Plotter A3 (TBC) 2 - both OK, one better condition
HP 2671G Thermal printer with HPIB. Works fine once new belt fitted.
IBM PC Printer Works fine, rebadged Epson
Nascom IMP Not tested, have new ribbon. Bought 2nd on in v.poor state, not working.
SWTPC Printer Not tested
Tandy DMP-420 Works fine.

Games Machines

Make / Model Comments
Prinztronic Works fine, about 3 cartridges tested and 2 to be tested
Maplin  Basic tennis etc game, DIY made, works fine


HP series 80 

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