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Lear Siegler Inc ADM-3A


The ADM-3A is a VDU from around 1979, this version comes with the built in upper and lower case characters. I obtained this with my Cromemco Z-2D, both have now been sold.

Inside view
Rear view with connectors

Marc Roessler's LSI ADM-3A page has a full description with manuals to download. I had to use the maintenance manual to replace 3 faulty 2114 memory chips.

NEC 9" Monitor

NEC Monitor

I have a soft-spot for 9" monitors, they are often small enough to sit on top of an old computer. This one was also re-badged by Hewlett Packard as the HP 82912A. It has a green phosphor display and a small loudspeaker, and it works well with any composite video source .

Connectors - note a previous owner converted the video socket from phono to BNC.
Rear label

Hitachi 9" Monitor

Hitachi monitor

This little Hitachi is a good match for the Apple II computer. This one (with white phosphor) works OK, but has bad screen burn.

Connectors - UHF type socket for composite video, a bit bent after being through the post.
Rear label



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