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Assembler Programming - Examples

I recently obtained floppy disks with a complete set of HP-85 Assembler and HP-87 Assembler files. Currently the HP-85 Assembler disk only is available from the HP 85 / 87 software page, and the HP-87 Assembler source files are available below. I hope to have both types available in both forms soon!

HP-85 Assembler - Example files

The first example is the Softkey program from the Assembler ROM manual.

softkey.txt - Softkey source listing

softkey1.txt - Assembler output listing of Softkey

The second is the Global file (in 2 parts), also taken from the Assembler ROM manual.

glo1s.txt - Global source part 1

glo2s.txt - Global source part 2

HP-87 Assembler - Example files

All the source files from the HP-87 Assembler disk are in the HP 87 Assembler source ZIP file.

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Assembler Programming

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