1980s Vintage Computers


One of the best magazines in the UK in the 1980s was Practical Computing. This started in 1979 with reviews of the Pet, TRS-80 and other then 'low-cost' microcomputers. Later it covered the various hobbyist computers eg Nascom, UK101 as they were launched. As the name suggests, its aim was to give handy advice to new users, and covered a broad range of topics. It also included a series of interviews, and a monthly fictional piece (including the Hexadecimal Kid series).

Beebug magazine was a specialist publication for Acorn computer users. Initially it covered the 6502 based BBC B and Electron, and later covered the Master series, then finally the various RISC machines.

Wireless World is included as it had a series of articles on the design Nascom computer, which I have scanned in.

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