1980s Vintage Computers


One of the best magazines in the UK in the 1980s was Practical Computing. This started in 1979 with reviews of the Pet, TRS-80 and other then 'low-cost' microcomputers. Later it covered the various hobbyist computers eg Nascom, UK101 as they were launched. As the name suggests, its aim was to give handy advice to new users, and covered a broad range of topics. It also included a series of interviews, and a monthly fictional piece (including the Hexadecimal Kid series).

Beebug magazine was a specialist publication for Acorn computer users. Initially it covered the 6502 based BBC B and Electron, and later covered the Master series, then finally the various RISC machines.

Wireless World is included as it had a series of articles on the design Nascom computer, which I have scanned in.

Byte magazine was the leading microcomputer magazine in the USA from the late 1970s, and continued in print for many years. It included reviews of UK machines, but was far more expensive than similar UK mags so wasn't as popular.

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