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NEC PC-8001 Links

I have split this section into English language and Japanese language, as this machine was popular in its home country and has an active following there.

Old-computers page - includes video connector pin-outs.

Wikipedia page on the PC-8000 series.

This Frimu.nl page lists NEC software for sale, but the home page states they have stopped selling - odd.

The Old Computer ROMs has a PC-8001 section.

Computer Closet Collection has a nice picture of the American PC-8001A system with the additional I/O and floppy drives.

Byte magazine review.


The following sites are in Japanese, so are best viewed using Chrome as this automatically translates into English (or any other language).

Japanese Wikipedia page on PC-8000 series - complete list of peripherals.

Attic or Garret Time machine gives a good overview.

GARA has pictures and prices in Yen for the range.

Enri's website (from the Internet Archive) has detailed pages on the internals of PC-8001, PC-8012 expansion unit and PC-8032 disk drive. This includes details such as an internal RS-232 port, expansion bus pin-outs, interrupt and ports addresses. keyboard and CRTC routines and N-BASIC ROM routines.

nico's PC page has a detailed listing of all the add-ons for the PC-8001MkII, including cards for the PC-8012 I/O unit, floppy drive options, various NEC monitors, data (cassette) recorders, system software and cables

Retro Computer People has a section on the PC-8001, again with a list of all the options, plus specifications.

Lancelot blog has many pictures of his PC-8001 system, and part 2 shows some demo software.

Old PC Software corner has many disk and cassette tape image files in D80 format, wihch should be usable in the J80 emulator.

Dash-80 page (on Internet Archive). Program loader for PC-8001 series software.

Retro Computer People blog. Describes the 4th ROM to extend N-BASIC.

I/O Book on PC-8001 series.

Chinese site:

Techcn page on the PC-8001 gives an overview of its success against its rivals in Japan.

NEC PC-8001


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