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NEC PC-8001 Manuals and Software


Thanks to the efforts of other PC-8001 owners there are a few english language versions of the manuals available:

PC-8001B Microcomputer Users Manual

PC-8001B N-BASIC Reference Manual

PC-8031B / 8032B Mini Disk Reference Manual


Some games software has been converted to cassette audio format, and can be loaded to the PC-8001 via the cassette port.

The following software is loaded via the machine monitor. From the BASIC Ready prompt type MON (Return) to enter the monitor. Press L and the machine now waits for a program to be loaded via the cassette port, so play the audio file in at a suitable level to the cassette 'earphone' input. Once loaded successfully the machine returns to the monitor prompt, enter the G command to run from a certain address (as given in the audio filename) eg G8100 (Return).

PC-8001 Games WAV.zip

A large dump of PC-8001/8001MkII/8800 software was made by the Neo Kobe group and uploaded to the Internet Archive, not all of these are compatible with the PC-8001:

PC-8000 Neo Kobe archive

Further software will be added once I have wokring copies, in particular I would like to run the CP/M and the disk version of N-BASIC.

NEC PC-8001


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