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Hewlett-Packard Series 80 - 
Basic Games

A problem I first had with the Series 80 was a lack of software available. I mainly put this down to the short life of the HP-85 tape cartridges compared to floppy.

However with the help of the HP Series 80 owners community a great deal of software is available via the HP-85 emulator produced by Everett Kaiser. These can either be run in the emulator or the image files written to disk and run on actual hardware. These include some excelent Games Pacs.

Here are some games are stored as text files to type in, or if you have the HP series 80 serial interface and either an HP-85B or have the GET command then please see the Tips page

Ski.txt - published in the HP-85 Standard Pac manual (available to download on the www.series80.org site)

Ski game screen shot

Yahtzee.txt  - taken from collection of Basic games from Creative Computing magazine

The following link to L Mayes page is a surface plotting program (cached copy) to display surface graphics, I've yet to try it.

HP Series 80 Software

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