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Parts List

This list tries to include all the HP Series 80 items, plus a few accessories. I have tried to avoid putting HP part numbers elsewhere on the Series 80 pages as they are longwinded, but they are useful for reference and have come in handy. Please e-mail me with any corrections / additions. Note - I don't want or have all of these parts.

Most of this list is taken from the Hewlett Packard Series 80 Configuration Guide

Words in parentheses are for clarification.

Machines, Monitors & Keyboards
Disk drives
Application Pacs

Machines, Monitors & Keyboards

83A (labeled 83)
85A (labeled 85)
86A (labeled 86)
87A (labeled 87)
9915A (labeled 9915)
5181A (labeled Display / Tape storage, appears to be same as a 9915A)
98155A (keyboard for 9915 and HP 8451A spectrophotometer)
82912A (9" monitor for 86 or 9915)
82913A (12" monitor for 86 or 9915)

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Modules plug into the rear of the machine, there are 4 slots on the HP-85 / 83 /  86 / 87, and 3 slots on the 9915 (which has a built in equivalent of the ROM Drawer Module).

82900A CP/M System (or)
82900A Auxiliary Processor (only difference being the name; both are for the 86 / 87 only)
82903A 16K Memory Module (for 83 / 85A / 9915A)
82907A 32K Memory Module (for 85B  / 9915B / 86 / 87)
82908A 64K Memory Module (for 85B / 9915B / 86 / 87)
82909A 128K  Memory Module (for 85B  / 9915B / 86 / 87)
82928A System Monitor
82929A Programmable ROM Module
82936A ROM Drawer Module
82937A HP-IB Interface 
82938A HP-IL Interface 
82939A Serial Interface 
82939A Opt 001 Serial Interface (with male 25 pin plug)
82939A Opt 002 Serial Interface (with current loop)
82940A GPIO Interface 
82941A BCD Interface 
82949A Printer Interface (Centronics)
82950A Modem
82966A Factory Data-link Interface 
82967A Speech Synthesis Module
89050A or 89050B Advanced Technique Module (contains the PCB from a 82929A Programmable ROM module fitted with an EPROM, was part of the HP 8451A spectrophotometer)
08451-60103 Spectrophotometer Software (similar to the 89050A, contains a 82929A module with a programmed EPROM of software)

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Up to 6 ROMs plug into a ROM Drawer Module (82936A), or plug directly into the 9915 motherboard. Note some computers (eg HP-86B) have some ROMs already built in (and which cannot be removed either), so do not require the same plug-in ROM.

Following are for the HP-83 / 85 / 9915:

00083-60904 Service-83 (for HP-83)
00085-15001 Mass Storage (for 85A/9915A only)
00085-15002 Plotter - Printer (or Plotter / Printer)
00085-15003 Input / Output (also known as I/O)
00085-15003 Rev. B I/O
00085-15004 Matrix 
00085-15005 Advanced Prgm. (Programming)
00085-15007 Assembler
00085-60952 Service-85 (for HP-85)
98151A Program Development (to support 9915A)

Following is for the HP-85B / 9915B only:

00085-15013 Rev. A Ext. Mass Storage (for SS-80 drives)

Following are for the HP-86 / 87:

00086-60904 Rev. A Service ROM (for HP-86)
00087-15002 Rev. A  Plotter
00087-15002 Rev. B  Plotter
00087-15003 Rev. A  I/O (also known as Input / Output)
00087-15004 Rev. A  Matrix
00087-15005 Rev. A  Advanced Programming 1 
00087-15005 Rev. A  Advanced Programming 2 (this is a 2 ROM set)
00087-15005 Rev. B  Advanced Programming 1 
00087-15005 Rev. B  Advanced Programming 2 
00087-15007 Rev. A  Assembler 
00087-15011 MIKSAM (database routines)
00087-15012 Electronic Disk 
00087-15013 Rev. A  Extended Mass Storage (for SS-80 drives)
00087-60912 Service ROM - System (for HP-87)
00087-60913 Service ROM - HPIB (for HP-87)

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Disk drives

Disk drives connect via HP-IB (using the standard IEEE-488 connector except for the 9130A, which has a Centronics connector only used on the HP-86A). nb 9114A/B uses HP-IL (drive not supported by Series 80). 

Amigo protocol drives require the Mass Storage ROM, SS-80 protocol drives also require the Extended Mass Storage ROM. nb CS-80 protocol drives are not compatible with the Series 80 and so are not listed here.

82901M Flexible Disc Drive (twin 5.25" double-sided floppy, Amigo protocol)
82902M Flexible Disc Drive (single 5.25" double-sided floppy, Amigo protocol)
9114A/B (single 3.5" double-sided floppy, HP-IL interface, SS-80 or Filbert protocol)
9121D (twin 3.5" single-sided floppy, Amigo protocol)
9121S (single 3.5" single-sided floppy, Amigo protocol)
9122C (twin 3.5" double-sided high-density floppy, SS-80 protocol)
9122D (twin 3.5" double-sided floppy, SS-80 protocol)
9123D (twin 3.5" double-sided floppy, SS-80 protocol, requires external power supply)
9125S (single 5.25" double-sided floppy, SS-80 protocol)
9127A (single 5.25" double-sided floppy, SS-80 protocol)
9130A (single 5.25" double-sided floppy, Amigo protocol, special connector for 86A only)
9133A (3.5" single-sided floppy plus 5MB hard drive*, Amigo protocol)
9133B (3.5" single-sided floppy plus 10MB hard drive*, Amigo protocol)
9133D (3.5" double-sided floppy plus 14.8MB hard drive, SS-80 protocol)
9133H (3.5" double-sided floppy plus 19.9MB hard drive, SS-80 protocol)
9133L (3.5" double-sided floppy plus 39.9MB hard drive, SS-80 protocol)
9133V (3.5" single-sided floppy plus 4.8MB hard drive*, Amigo protocol)
9133XV (3.5" single-sided floppy plus 15MB hard drive*, Amigo protocol)
9134A (5MB hard drive*, Amigo protocol)
9134B (10MB hard drive*, Amigo protocol)
9134D (14.8MB hard drive, SS-80 protocol)
9134H (19.9MB hard drive, SS-80 protocol)
9134L (39.9MB hard drive, SS-80 protocol)
9134XV (15MB hard drive*, Amigo protocol)
9135A (5.25" double-sided floppy plus 5MB hard drive*, Amigo protocol)
9153A (3.5" double-sided floppy plus 10MB hard drive, SS-80 protocol)
9154A (10MB hard drive, SS-80 protocol)
9895A (twin 8" double-sided floppy, Amigo protocol)

* - Hard drive not accessible to Series 80 unless partitioned into four 1.15MB chunks. (equivalent to 9895A drive)

Application Pacs

These are the software pacs, supplied on disk and for the HP-85 pacs (in most cases) tape as well.

Following are for the HP-83 / 85 / 9915:

00085-13001 Standard Pac
00085-13002 BASIC Training Pac
00085-13003 General Statistics Pac
00085-13004 Financial Decisions Pac
00085-13005 Math Pac
00085-13006 AC Circuit Analysis Pac
00085-13010 Games Pac
00085-13011 Linear Programming Pac
00085-13034 Text Editing Pac
00085-13035 Waveform Analysis Pac
00085-13036 Basic Statistics and Data Manipulation Pac
00085-13037 Regression Analysis Pac
00085-13042 VisiCalc PLUS Pac
00085-13044 Data Communications Pac
00085-13045 Information Management Pac
00085-13046 Surveying Pac
00085-13057 Games II Pac

Following are for the HP-86 / 87:

00087-13001 VisiCalc PLUS
00087-13503 Financial Decisions Pac
00087-13504 Math Pac
00087-13505 Circuit Analysis Pac
00087-13506 Linear Programming Pac
00087-13507 Wave Analysis Pac
00087-13510 Graphic Presentations Pac
00087-13519 82823A WORD/80
82824A FILE/80

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