1980s Vintage Computers

Hewlett-Packard Series 80 - 

HP released software for the Series 80 in pacs containing applications and manuals, or as disks to accompany plug-in modules or option ROMs.

On this page is a small collection of floppy-disk based software that can be downloaded from here, and transferred to an HP 85 / 87 formatted floppy disk on a PC running the DOS based LIFUTIL program (see tips section on using LIFUTIL).

The download files are in ZIP form. The ZIP also contains a README.TXT file with further information, plus a DISK.TXT file containing the listing of the disk on the HP-85 / 87 machine. This is needed sometimes due to the need to occasionally rename files after copying them to a HP disk back to the correct name, as PC DOS does not allow some file names which are allowed on the Series 80 disks.

HP Software Pacs 

HP Module Software

HP ROM software

User Software

Floppy disks by post

If you are unable to transfer these files to floppy disk yourself, then please e-mail me and for a fee of $5 / €5 / £3 per disk plus postage I will copy them for you to either 5¼" or 3½" disks. Likewise if you have some Series 80 software not listed here please get in touch.

Further HP-85/87 software is available for download from www.series80.org.

Even more HP-85/87 software is available in Teledisk format from www.hpmuseum.net.


There are now two HP-85 emulators for the PC:

Olivier's emulator is based around his emulator for the Capricorn processor, and the source code is available. I find this emulator useful for developing HP-85 software on the PC.

Everett's emulator on the other hand provides a great looking application, and also includes HP-85 tape support. Everett also includes the Games Pac II on his site.


When the HP-9915 industrial computer was sold, there were some packages available to transfer files and load programmes into EPROM. These are mentioned in the HP-9915 manuals, so if anyone still has a copy please e-mail me.

HP Series 80 Pictures

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